How do I setup a new account on
On the homepage, click on "Create an Account".  Answer all of the questions required and create your own password to logon to the site.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent welcoming you to

Must I submit my credit card information when applying for an account?
No.  The only time credit card information is required is when you are ready to make a purchase.


File Downloads

What is the standard file size offered on
We currently offer 3 standard file sizes, however, other sizes are available.

   Low-Res: 800 x ~500 px- Web use, 72 dpi
   Med-Res: 3000 x ~2000 px- Print use, 300 dpi at ~8"x10"
  *High-Res: 6000 x ~4000 px- Print use, 300 dpi at ~16"x20"  

*Please be aware that not all images list the High-Res. file. This is a new file size offered, and we will be glad to add this to images upon your request (please note SKU #). 

Do you offer larger file sizes?
Yes.  Please place a Quote request or contact us for pricing on higher resolution files.


Custom Prints

Do you offer larger print sizes?
Yes.  Please place a Quote request or contact us for pricing on any custom size prints or murals.

May I use a print for reprodution purposes?
No. Prints are soley for display use only.  Any reproduction of an image should be done from a digital file.  Prices are quoted separately for reproduction of images.

Do you offer your prints and files in Black and White?
Yes.  All images may be purchased in B&W or Color.  Please let us know what you are looking for when placing your Quote Request and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer framing?
At this time, we do not offer framing, however, if you are located in the Atlanta area, we will be happy to refer you to our framing partner.  Feel free to contact us.

How long does it take to receive a print order?
Photographic prints will typically be custom printed and shipped within 24 - 48 hours. Prints larger than 17" x 36" may take a bit longer. Giclee prints typically ship within 48 hours if in stock.


Pricing, Fees & Charges

When will my credit card be charged? 
Charges are processed only after all credit card data is entered, submitted through and confirmed.

Return Policy-  Do you accept returns?
We do everything to make sure that you as the customer are confident and comfortable with your selection before your purchase.  If you have pre-order questions, please feel free to contact us.  Once images are purchased and downloaded, there will be no refund.  Please be certain that images are selected carefully and that they are used only for the specific requested use.


Usage, Copyright & Royalty-free

What rights do I have to use the images?
All uses are for the specific use requested on, for one time use.  Additional use should be requested on the site.  Please see "Conditions of Use" for additional information.

Do I need to include copyright information or Links?
All print & web reproductions should include a byline to read: "©20xx, Artist Name/".  Web reproductions should include a link, either beneath the reproduction, or a hotlink on the reproduction to



What is the Lightbox?
The Lightbox is a way for a logged in user to store images, as well as share the selected images with other logged in users of  

Where do I see my Lightboxes?
Once logged in, you will see a link under ACCOUNT.  If you are not logged in, this feature will not be available.

How do I add selections in my Lightbox to my cart?
Simply click on the image in your Lightbox and it will bring you to the product page where you may select the download file size or custom print size you desire. 

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